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More Confidence. Better Decisions.

Agronomy First Solutions with Proven Results...

--HyGround provides key information that allows me to understand what I need to do in order to make my fields produce yield--

Bo Holt

Bo Holt Farms Inc.

AGRIntelligence Comes Down to Three Things: People, Products, and Knowledge.

At Helena, we build relationships with customers we support. We add value through products that improve crop performance and we share enhanced knowledge to help our growers make the right decisions for their fields. These pillars have made Helena what we are today and ultimately created the AGRIntelligence program.

--AGRIntelligence provides me with key information I can use to make informed management decisions on my operation--

Brian Braswell

Magnolia Farms


At Helena, we provide Industry Leading Precision Offerings.  We are constantly striving to bring our customers the most optimized and agronomy focused solutions.  Contact your Helena representative today to find out about our exciting service offerings or click below to learn more:

--AGRIntelligence is an agronomy first approach that is key on linking key information and data insights with stakeholders.  Through the power of our knowledgeable field staff information that was once just maps and numbers turns into actionable data that is ready to be put to work-- 

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